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Budget 2024 , today interim budget 2024 Expectations

Today feb -1 Budget in new parliament to be held and there is lot of expectation though this budget is only interim , besides banks are expecting good tax cut for labors and corporates .

1.Budget today - nirmala sitharaman Give budget today

Budget 2024 today
Budget 2024

our finance minister nirmala sitharamn today deliver the buget as interim budget , we expect good budget , as most of them expect the election for mp , the budget will be faour for low income people , most like low job related people get faour today .

Nirmala deliver budget for six consecutive time , wich is more intersting , pm appreciate her for more fm .

TAX - Cut or what in Budget

tax cut budget 2024
tax cut budget 2024

Tax cut for people of low salaried are expected , people with income more than 7 lakh are may get rate cut , that boost inflation , but also consumption of goods also increase , people of higher income also look this budget with more eager , budget but won't affect much as this government last for 3 more month , but the government which form next is most important than today feb 1

Petrol/diesel rate cut

tax cut petrol 2024
tax cut petrol 2024

Petrol price is burden for all the people in India , especially in India all the people uses petrol vehicle, even diesel price is same as petrol , not much difference , such a way , now interim budget as of gov election ahead , we expect tax for petrol and diesel will be reduced and the money in normal people will increase , also for money may get depreciated .

PAYTM is in big Trouble

paytm deposit 2024 rbi  control
paytm deposit 2024 rbi control

Paytm may be eroded like nothing , paytm bank system is in serious trouble , barred Paytm Payments Bank Ltd from accepting deposits or allowing credit transactions, or top-ups, in customer accounts or prepaid instruments - such as wallets and FASTags - linked to those accounts, later February 29.

Customers can, moreover, can utilize balances from their accounts, including savings and current "without restriction (and) up to their available" limit, the Reserve Bank order said.

This comes after more follow ups by rbi to paytm regarding proper transaction details misleading , but paytm not cooperative with rbi , so rbi put ends for deposits , even paytm bank limited with 2 lacks previously now to zero , i think this leads bank to zero , people who put money on them has more loosing here

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