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Paytm downfall where it will end ?

HI everybody , today Paytm as of Thursday 01/02/2024 paytm fall almost 20% , this is such a way looking way great bottom of earth , people who bought share at top level say 950 plus , now it is below 610 , really mind blowing ,

paytm why its falling
paytm loss stock

let me give with some example ,

let me buy shares of paytm of 20,000 shares at all time high is 900

all of sudden it fall to 600 ,

then calculation is 20000 shares at 900 rs is one croe 80 lakhs which is say 1,80,00,000

now is worth one croe 20 lakhs which is say 1,20,00,000

which is 60 lakhs loss , which is huge as of today ,

think daily loss of 30 or 40 lakhs daily without any stop loss triggering or not even seconds

available for putting sell on market price which is so so tedious and life threatening who bought this shares .... which makes my mind wondering

people who got paytm shares come out of it as soon as possible , we don't know where it will end its marks ,

also rbi should monitor in advance and i think best policy to warn people is giving quality grade of stocks by rbi may warn people in advance and this trap may be prohibited in future i hope say.

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